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DISCOVER The Breakthrough Recovery System That’s Helped 92.2% Of High-Achieving Men Gain Control Over Alcohol IN ONLY 45 DAYS

IAMACOMEBACK Is The Revolutionary Movement Sweeping The U.S That’s Helped 2,737+ Men Finally Regain Control Over Alcohol In Just 45 Days… Even After They’d Tried Every Single Conventional Method Without Success


Join The Movement That’s Helped 2,737+ High-Achieving Men Finally Regain Control Over Alcohol




  • 92.2% SUCCESS RATE


You Have A CHOICE, Not A Disease… It’s Time To Make The Right One

If you’re an elite man whose life is being torn to shreds by alcohol… If you feel like you have no control over when or how much you drink… If you’ve tried everything (including AA, rehab, therapy and cold turkey) to kick the habit but still failed… then coming here today WILL change your life.

My name is Mark Jennison and I’m the founder of IAMACOMEBACK – the breakthrough program that helps 92.2% of men who try it regain control over alcohol. Our program does NOT treat you like a victim. Instead, we treat you like the STRONG and POWERFUl person you are. We show you how to harness your strengths and turn them against alcohol – so you can beat the bottle once and for all.

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TAKE Back Control Over Alcohol And Become A Better Father, Husband, Friend And Role Model

IAMACOMEBACK is more than a program. It’s a revolutionary movement that’s helped 2,737+ men just like you finally gain control over alcohol. It’s helped them become better fathers, husbands, friends and role models… more successful leaders, business owners, CEOs, doctors and lawyers… and repair the damage addiction has done to their lives, relationships and careers. It can do the same for you.

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If you think you have a disease… if you just want people to feel sorry for you… if you don’t believe drinking is a choice… this program is NOT for you. But if you’re finally ready to stand up and take back control, this is EXACTLY what you’re looking for

No BS Alcohol Addiction Recovery Without Going To Rehab

You’re here because you’re looking for an alcohol treatment that will help you take back control of your life. You’re here because nothing makes sense but you know you have a problem. You’re in the right place.

IAMACOMEBACK uses a breakthrough recovery program to get our clients the results they want without going to conventional alcohol recovery. You don’t even have to leave your home to get the help and support you need to finally break free from the hold that alcohol has over you and your life.

Alcohol Addiction Is Not A Disease, Detox & Recovery Is Your Choice

You make hundreds of choices every day. You choose to get up at a certain time. You choose what clothes to wear, what to eat for breakfast and what route to drive to work. You also choose to drink alcohol. You choose to have another beer when you know deep down that you’ve had enough. Do you choose to let things get out of control or consider trying an alcohol addiction support group?

Take Control Of Your Drinking For You & Your Family

Your choices affect everyone else in your life too. Your wife, your partner, your kids, your family members, your friends and your colleagues – they all suffer as a result of your choice to drink alcohol.

You might make excuses and say you’re an alcoholic. Or you drink because you’re stressed from work. Or because your relationship is going through a rough patch. Our alcohol recovery program comeback council have heard it all before.

Take back Your Life Today With IAMACOMEBACK Alcohol Recovery

So what do you want to do from here? Go back to scrolling through Google and ignore the fact that you’ve just found a brotherhood of like-minded, high performing individuals that will help you to finally beat the bottle? Maybe you will try a quick fix alcohol detox, or are you going to take control of your drinking and get your life back with an alcohol recovery program?

It’s your choice. The power is in your hands. Book your free breakthrough call now.

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Join The Revolutionary Movement That’s Re-Writing The Addiction Recovery Playbook

IAMACOMEBACK is changing the way the world talks about alcohol addiction and how to overcome it. What we stand for goes against every other conventional method out there… but it’s backed by an incredible 92.2% success rate and 2,737+ men who have stared down the beast and won.

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Here’s some insight into what to expect when you join the movement:

  • A 92.2% Success Rate That’s Unheard Of In The Industry

    More than 9 out of 10 men who join successfully regain control over alcohol… even those who’d tried every other recovery method out there and failed

  • Stop Being Treated Like A Powerless Victim

    You won’t hear sob stories or find the victim mentality here – we focus on strength and how to expand your life so you don’t need alcohol to feel fulfilled
  • Join A Supportive Brotherhood Of Like-Minded Men

    IAMACOMEBACK is a brotherhood – when you join you’ll have the full support of other elite, high-achieving men who have sat where you sit now and WON
  • We Care About Where You’re Going, Not Where You’ve Been

    We honestly don’t give a sh*t where you’ve come from or what you’ve done… what matters is you’re ready to become the best version of yourself you can be

“People Saw Me As The Picture Of Success… But Behind Closed Doors My Life Was Burning To The Ground”

A loving family, an 8-figure business and a ton of friends… I was ‘the man.’ People looked at me as the picture of success. But it was all a lie – behind closed doors, alcohol was burning my life to the ground.

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My drinking problem cost me my son, my relationship and my career. I hit rock bottom and felt like there was nowhere to go. But, just when I’d given up all hope, I came to a realization that changed everything. That realization kickstarted not only my Comeback, but the Comebacks of thousands of strong-willed men across the world.

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Our 100% Confidentiality Guarantee

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We understand taking that first leap of faith can be difficult. That’s why we don’t ask, and we don’t tell. You can be whoever you want to be, and show up however you want – as long as you’re here to solve the problem, and are willing to put in the work. Fake name, vague details, camera off – whatever is needed to begin and succeed in the journey, we’ll support you.

At NO point will confidential details be shared outside IAMACOMEBACK – insurance companies, third parties, workplaces or family – it’s YOUR business to share the journey with who you choose, not ours.

Secure Your FREE 30-Minute Breakthrough Call NOW And Kickstart Your Journey Towards Freedom and Control

You DO have a choice. If you’re ready to make the right one… the choice to finally regain control over your drinking… to win back your family, friends and any relationships you’ve broken along the way… to stop f***ing lying to yourself and hiding from your problem…

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Then book in a free no-obligation, fully-confidential breakthrough call with a member of the Comeback Council now – someone who has been in your shoes before and conquered the beast. Regardless of whether this program is the right fit, we guarantee that at the end of the 30 minutes, you’ll be better off than when we found you.