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It’s time, brother. Secure your free 30-minute ‘IAMACOMEBACK’ breakthrough call and talk directly to someone who gets it – a genuine, recovered member of the Comeback Council who’s kicked the weight of alcohol.

Speak to a breakthrough coach with zero obligations – no pressure to enroll, and full confidentiality. Regardless of whether this program is the right fit, we guarantee that at the end of the 30 minutes, you’ll be better off than when we found you.

Give Us 30 Minutes And We’ll Reveal How To Seize Control Over Alcohol…

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It’s Time To FIGHT BACK AND WIN! Book A Confidential, 30-Minute Breakthrough Call With A Member Of The Comeback Council And Discover How To Finally Overcome Your Dependence On Alcohol And Win Back Your Family, Friends And Self-Respect




  • 92.2% SUCCESS RATE

Change Your Life In The Next 30 Minutes And Finally Regain Control Over Alcohol

Is alcohol tearing apart your family, your career and your relationships? Have you tried AA, rehab, therapy and ‘whiteknuckling it’ without success? Does the bottle always find its way back into your life and wreak havoc, no matter what you do? Then I urge you to fight back and take control.

Book in a free, fully-confidential breakthrough call with a member of the Comeback Council now – someone who has faced the same battle you’re fighting and won. In just 30 minutes, we’ll reveal the exact steps you can take to finally overcome alcohol and win back your career, your family and your self-respect.

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Here’s Just A Fraction Of What You’ll Discover In
This FREE, No-Obligation Breakthrough Call…

  • The Secret To Kicking The Relapse Cycle For Good – even if you’ve tried literally EVERY other method available

  • How To Beat Alcohol, WITHOUT Total Abstinence – and how our unique approach can bring back total control

  • How To Salvage, And Strengthen, What You’ve Lost – loved ones, friends, career and opportunities – it’s time to get back on track

  • Why We’re The First Choice For Those With Anonymity Concerns – and what we do to protect our members identity and provide the support to beat their beast

  • Your Place In Our Revolutionary Program is Reserved – We’re ready to support you through every step of recovery, as soon as you’re ready to begin.

  • Plus MUCH More!

That’s right – you’ll receive ALL of this value even if you choose not to sign up to the program. Why? Because I’ve been where you are now. I know how tough it is – and I want to extend you all the help I can to get you back on track.


You Have A CHOICE: Regain Control Over Alcohol Now And Win Back Your Family, Friends And Career

Join 2,737+ Men Who Finally Regained Control Over Alcohol… Even After They’d Tried EVERYTHING Else

The 2,737+ powerful men who have been through IAMACOMEBACK all sat where you are now. On the surface, they had successful lives. A loving family, a sh*load of friends and the house of their dreams. CEOs, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs… they had highly-successful careers… but, little by little, their addiction to alcohol was tearing it all apart.

With our help, these men were all able to regain control… even after they’d tried every other approach to recovery out there. They had the guts to keep fighting back against alcohol. They’re now living happier, healthier and more successful lives than ever before – and so can you.

alcohol dependence treatment
alcohol dependence treatment

To Those Of You Saying “I’ll Do It Tomorrow…”

You’ve come this far, and put this off for too long. The only better time to make the choice to regain control was five minutes ago. The next best time is right NOW. It’s time to get mad. It’s time to get angry. It’s time to be a man and wrestle back control.

If you continue to say “I’ll do it tomorrow,” you will NEVER take action. Whether it’s 5… 10… or even 20 years from now, you’ll look back in regret and wonder how your life might have turned out had you made the right decision. Don’t become another victim to alcohol who ends up in jail, an institution… or in the ground. Book in your free breakthrough call and regain control NOW.


You Have A CHOICE: Regain Control Over Alcohol Now And Win Back Your Family, Friends And Career

Our 100% Confidentiality Guarantee

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We understand taking that first leap of faith can be difficult. That’s why we don’t ask, and we don’t tell. You can be whoever you want to be, and show up however you want – as long as you’re here to solve the problem, and are willing to put in the work. Fake name, vague details, camera off – whatever is needed to begin and succeed in the journey, we’ll support you.

At NO point will confidential details be shared outside IAMACOMEBACK – insurance companies, third parties, workplaces or family – it’s YOUR business to share the journey with who you choose, not ours.

Available Sessions And Intake Places Are Filling Up FAST!

Thousands of high-achieving men out there are seeking the help they need – and the opportunity to learn the secret to recovery from someone who’s genuinely been there themselves.

IAMACOMEBACK is a brotherhood that’s here to help each man that comes through our doors, every step of the way. Start the journey and be one step closer to the life you want. Secure a 30-minute ‘IAMACOMEBACK’ Breakthrough Call NOW and reserve a place in our life-changing program.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing about YOUR Comeback.

Mark Jennison

P.S. You now have two choices:

1. You can do nothing.


2. You can decide that TODAY is the day to take back control, enroll in IAMACOMEBACK and gain the ongoing support of a like-minded community who have stared down the same challenges you face and WON. You can use the proven methods that have helped 92.2% of men gain control over their drinking to make the changes to turn it around. Be happier, healthier and wake up every single day with EVERYTHING that’s important – a loving wife, proud kids, supportive friends and family and a successful career.

I know which decision is the right one. And, if you’re honest with yourself, so do you. You owe it to yourself, your wife, and your loved ones to choose the right path.

See you on the other side.