The ones who ignored you…

Now they notice, don’t they?

All the way from Deciding on a new Identity to Becoming that Identity is a crazy trip.

It’s like your life is an Etch-a-Sketch that you shook up, destroying the old life you had and making a new one to be really proud of.

When you were the old you, not only did people NOT want to believe that you could change…they did everything in their power to keep you the same so they could feel secure.

People are funny that way.

Folks love to give advice on how you can be better but only…

Ducking down to reload.

If you’re doing this year right, you should have figured out a few new things about yourself.

Something new you’re able to enjoy.

A new strength you never knew you had.

A weakness you’re able to now overcome.

But we’re not even done with the first quarter and chances are you didn’t exactly pick the easiest goal to achieve…so you need to take some time for self-evaluation.

Where have you screwed up and gotten lazy?

Where have you failed because you weren’t strong or smart enough?

What do you have to do or learn to keep your progress going?

Failure is a destination spot.

How long will you stay there?

Have you ever heard that stress is the act of taking something more serious than it is?

How about failure being the act of taking something less seriously than you should?

This process of thought can really be the difference between winning and losing.

So…is 2020 REALLY your year?

…or is it something you’re just doing because everyone else is and you really don’t have an interest?

I’d say that either answer is okay.

But if you don’t know what you want or why you want it…you’re going to have a tough time really…