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Alcohol Recovery Program | San Francisco, CA

Alcohol Recovery Program & Support Group San Francisco, CA

The Groundbreaking Approach That’s Helped 2,737+ Men Beat The Bottle And Win Back Their Family, Friends And Self-Respect




  • 92.2% SUCCESS RATE

An Alcohol Recovery Program for Men in San Francisco That Works

There is nothing more frustrating than a problem you can’t solve when you are surrounded by people saying you cannot solve it. Successful people achieve greatness because of their ability to think creatively and by surrounding themselves with people who support them and challenge them to make the best decisions.

It’s for this reason that many alcohol recovery programs in San Francisco fail people who have a successful mindset. We don’t like being told we cannot control how we deal with the problem of binge drinking and have a natural instinct to refuse the belief that we are destined to overindulge in drinking. These programs don’t work for us because they don’t challenge us to make better decisions. This is what led to IAMACOMEBACK being born.

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Why Alcohol Addiction Rehab Groups in San Francisco Have Failed You

Unlike traditional alcohol rehab groups in San Francisco, we cut out the bullshit. We don’t believe you’re a victim or an alcoholic. We don’t believe that your past is a good enough excuse to ruin your life and be a burden on your family. Dealing with stress is a part of life so why are you letting it take control of how much alcohol you drink? Our goal is to help you get control over your drinking so you can get back to the man you used to be. No excuses. No pity. Just awesome support and a program that works. Read More

45 Day Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program For Men In San Francisco

Our alcohol recovery program in San Francisco is delivered by people just like you: intelligent, strong-willed, successful men who are determined to put problem drinking behind them. The key features include:

  • A 45-day alcohol treatment program in San Francisco with support and insight from the central team, including founder Mark Jennison who set the company up after his own struggles.
  • Three weekly calls from the Comeback Council, some of our most successful and strong-willed men who have all faced down the problems of alcohol dependency, and KNOW what it is really like to struggle with it.

This is why IAMACOMEBACK (leading alcohol recovery program in America), is different.

But it doesn’t end there. After 45 days, you’ll be part of a national community of Comebacks, and you’ll have access to post-program alcohol support group in San Francisco to drastically slash any chance of relapse and ensure control remains steadfast and strong for LIFE.

Take back Your Life Today With IAMACOMEBACK Alcohol Recovery Program in San Francisco, CA

Don’t let alcohol ruin your life – there is nothing to be ashamed of.

IAMACOMEBACK is the best alternative alcohol recovery program in California. If you can’t attend our program in San Francisco find a support group closer to you:

Make an application today for your free breakthrough call. We’ll ask for a few details and we ask you to be honest about your situation and the problems you’re dealing with. Everyone has a different relationship with alcohol, and the information you give us will help us to help you.

Once you’ve completed our survey, you can expect a phone call from us. Our friendly and understanding team members will get straight into it – no-nonsense, no over analysis, just you and your goals for the future. Book your call today!


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Everything You Think You Know About Alcohol Is Complete BS…

We’re NOT like conventional approaches to recovery. We’re not saying they don’t work for some people, because they do. But if you’ve tried them all and still failed to give up drinking

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IAMACOMEBACK could be EXACTLY what you’re looking for. We believe:

  • You are NOT powerless

  • You do NOT have a disease

  • Alcohol is not the problem, it’s the solution to another problem

  • You DON’T have to quit forever

  • Your greatest gift is the power to choose

When You Join This Game-Changing Program You’ll Receive:

  • 45 days’ worth of support from the dedicated Comeback team

    Guiding you through every stage of the journey and ensure you reclaim CONTROL over alcohol.

  • 3X weekly calls from The Comeback Council – a supportive team of strong-willed men who have overcome drinking problems themselves

    We know what it REALLY takes to beat the bottle.

  • Ongoing support from our community so you can discuss any problems you’re facing WITHOUT JUDGEMENT

    Support and help to power through every roadblock you face along the way.

  • Failsafe post-program support to drastically slash any chance of relapse

    We ensure control remains steadfast and strong for LIFE.

  • 24/7 access to the entire Comeback Community full of like-minded men facing the same problems as you

    Ensuring you NEVER feel lost or alone during the recovery journey


Our 100% Confidentiality Guarantee

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We understand taking that first leap of faith can be difficult. That’s why we don’t ask, and we don’t tell. You can be whoever you want to be, and show up however you want – as long as you’re here to solve the problem, and are willing to put in the work. Fake name, vague details, camera off – whatever is needed to begin and succeed in the journey, we’ll support you.

At NO point will confidential details be shared outside IAMACOMEBACK – insurance companies, third parties, workplaces or family – it’s YOUR business to share the journey with who you choose, not ours.

Make The CHOICE To Change Your Life… Book Your Free Breakthrough Call Now

You DO have a choice. If you’re ready to make the right one… the choice to finally regain control over your drinking… to win back your family, friends and any relationships you’ve broken along the way… to stop f***ing lying to yourself and hiding from your problem…

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Then book in a free no-obligation, fully-confidential breakthrough call with a member of the Comeback Council now – someone who has been in your shoes before and conquered the beast. Regardless of whether this program is the right fit, we guarantee that at the end of the 30 minutes, you’ll be better off than when we found you.

You Have A CHOICE: Regain Control Over Alcohol Now And Win Back Your Family, Friends And Career