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About The Program

The Groundbreaking Approach That’s Helped 2,737+ High-Achieving Men Beat The Bottle And Win Back Their Family, Friends And Self-Respect

Uncover The Revolutionary Program That Helps You FINALLY Regain Control Over Alcohol, Win Back Your Family And Have Your Friend’s Ask… “What’s Changed?”




  • 92.2% SUCCESS RATE

The Truth Behind Mainstream Recovery Methods And Why You’ve Really Failed To Give Up Drinking

AA, rehab, therapy, ‘whiteknuckling’ it… have you tried everything to quit drinking without success? So did I. The truth is these methods aren’t for everyone – and they’re certainly not for high-achieving men like you and me. Millions of people fail with this approach because total abstinence is NOT the answer. The key to regaining control is to look at the reason you choose to drink – rather than the drink itself.

Every drink has a reason behind it… Whether it’s to numb your pain, be more fun at parties or relax after a sh*t day. IAMACOMEBACK fixes these issues at the core – so you can get back in the driver’s seat and regain total control over alcohol.

drug and alcohol rehab
drug and alcohol rehab

Why This Is The Only Program Of Its Kind…. And Why It Has Transformed The Lives Of Thousands Of Men

The secret to IAMACOMEBACK is that it teaches men how to control their drinking – rather than the unrealistic strategy of never touching the bottle again. We don’t focus on weaknesses or failures…we focus on strengths and ways to expand our lives. Rather than trying to escape problems through the bottle… you will march towards true potential for a life full of success and happiness.

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Make no mistake about it – this program WORKS. We’ve helped thousands of powerful men… including CEOs, doctors, lawyers, 7-figure entrepreneurs and world leaders… men who had tried literally EVERYTHING else with no success… to finally overcome their dependence on alcohol and live the life they’ve always dreamed of.

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Everything You Think You Know About Alcohol Is Complete BS…

We’re NOT like conventional approaches to recovery. We’re not saying they don’t work for some people, because they do. But if you’ve tried them all and still failed to give up drinking

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IAMACOMEBACK could be EXACTLY what you’re looking for. We believe:

  • You are NOT powerless

    This program isn’t for people who want to sit around and feel sorry for themselves. There are no victims here and no depressing sob stories. We do share our struggles and work through overcoming them together – but we don’t dwell on the struggles or use them as excuses. We instead focus on strength and empowerment that gives you the ability to say no to alcohol.

  • You do NOT have a disease

    We don’t view drinking as something you’ve inherited from your parents or grandparents. You’re not sick. You don’t have a disease. You choose to drink… you just have to work out why, then fix the issue. We focus on the 7 key areas of your life that fuel your decisions to drink – and help you get back on track in each one so you can live a happy, healthy and successful life.

  • Alcohol is not the problem, it’s the solution to another problem

    Alcohol isn’t the real problem – it’s your solution to the real problem. You use it as an antidote. Whether that’s to numb the pain… to inflate low self-esteem… to be more fun at parties… or to feel alive… Alcohol is a way to cope with what’s wrong in your life. Once you solve the REAL issues that cause you to drink, you’ll no longer need the medicine – so you can throw away the bottle.

  • You DON’T have to quit forever

    Never having a drink again for the rest of your life… is that the answer? Is it even possible? We don’t focus on giving up alcohol completely. Instead, we focus on the reasons behind your addiction – once you’ve fixed these, you’ll have total control over your decision to drink. It’s then up to YOU whether you never drink again… or have a quiet beer with dinner when you choose to.

  • Your greatest gift is the power to choose

    Never let anyone tell you that you don’t have a choice – because you do. In fact, it’s your greatest power… your greatest gift… it’s something alcohol can NEVER take away from you. If you CHOOSE to stand up and take control, you CAN. After all, you’re the one who picks up the bottle in the first place. You’re the one who goes back for that 10th or 11th drink. And you’re definitely the one (the ONLY one) who can stand up and break the cycle… so do it NOW!

What To Expect When You Join IAMACOMEBACK

We understand the journey is tough – that’s why you won’t have to go it alone. When you join IAMACOMEBACK, you’ll become part of a brotherhood of like-minded, powerful men who have the drive and ambition to become the best versions of themselves they can be.

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You’ll have ongoing support and dedication of other men who have been through it all. Men who’ve battled the beast for 10+ years… men who used to drink 20+ beers a day… men who lost their marriage, their career and their self-respect. They know what it REALLY takes to beat the bottle – and they can help you do it too.

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Here’s Just A Fraction Of What You’ll Discover Being A Part Of IAMACOMEBACK:

  • The ultra-powerful, game-changing strategy that helps 92.2% of men overcome their dependence on alcohol FOREVER and finally reclaim control of their lives

  • Why everything you think you know about alcohol is WRONG and the real secret to beating the bottle for good! Hint: it has NOTHING to do with abstinence

  • How to STOP LYING, tackle the problem head on and kick drinking forever… and finally look in the mirror every single day and see a man you’re PROUD OF staring back

  • The proven method to PERMANENTLY skyrocket confidence and self-esteem – never having to rely on alcohol for ‘Dutch courage’ that slips away the second alcohol leaves

  • How to obtain that perfect balance between business, family and social life to feel fulfilled at the end of every day WITHOUT having to touch a drink

  • The 7 pillars to success when battling alcohol and why these foundations can help men gain control AND create a life without the beast.

  • How to FINALLY kick the relapse cycle for good even if you’ve tried literally everything else – never again count the days, weeks or months since the bottle left again because it’s now in control

  • Simple strategies to overcome ALL obstacles along the way to stay on the path to a healthier, happier and more successful life

  • PROVEN methods to have Zen-like control over drinking urges to now laugh in the face of temptation… even when it’s at the end-of-year work party and they have an open bar!

  • How to FINALLY take back control in as little as 45 days – and have everyone begging for the secret ‘how did they turn it around?!’

But That’s Not All! When You Join This Game-Changing Program You’ll ALSO Receive:

  • 45 days’ worth of support from the dedicated Comeback team to guide you through every stage of the journey and ensure you reclaim CONTROL over alcohol

  • 3X weekly calls from The Comeback Council – a supportive team of strong-willed men who have overcome drinking problems themselves and know what it REALLY takes to beat the bottle

  • Ongoing support from our community so you can discuss any problems you’re facing WITHOUT JUDGEMENT and help you power through every roadblock you face along the way

  • Failsafe post-program support to drastically slash any chance of relapse and ensure control remains steadfast and strong for LIFE

  • 24/7 access to the entire Comeback Community full of like-minded men facing the same problems as you… ensuring you NEVER feel lost or alone during the recovery journey


“But I’m Different And This Won’t Work For Me!”

That’s what you might be saying to yourself… the little voice inside is probably muttering things like… “This all sounds great”…. “But I’m different – I’ve tried everything I could think of and I’ve failed to give up drinking.”

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I know, because I used to say similar things. And so did the 2,737+ men who have successfully completed their Comeback! They don’t say those things anymore. Here’s what they say instead…

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Our 100% Confidentiality Guarantee

drug abuse treatment

We understand taking that first leap of faith can be difficult. That’s why we don’t ask, and we don’t tell. You can be whoever you want to be, and show up however you want – as long as you’re here to solve the problem, and are willing to put in the work. Fake name, vague details, camera off – whatever is needed to begin and succeed in the journey, we’ll support you.

At NO point will confidential details be shared outside IAMACOMEBACK – insurance companies, third parties, workplaces or family – it’s YOUR business to share the journey with who you choose, not ours.

Make The CHOICE To Change Your Life… Book Your Free Breakthrough Call Now

You DO have a choice. If you’re ready to make the right one… the choice to finally regain control over your drinking… to win back your family, friends and any relationships you’ve broken along the way… to stop f***ing lying to yourself and hiding from your problem…

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Then book in a free no-obligation, fully-confidential breakthrough call with a member of the Comeback Council now – someone who has been in your shoes before and conquered the beast. Regardless of whether this program is the right fit, we guarantee that at the end of the 30 minutes, you’ll be better off than when we found you. GET STARTED

Does Your Friend Or Family Member Have A Drinking Problem? We Can Help…

If what you’re reading rings true – not to yourself, but to your friend, colleague or family member – then we’re happy to talk to you about the issue. Simply claim a free breakthrough call and you’ll speak directly to a member of the Comeback Council about the problem at hand.

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We’ll discuss your concerns for your loved one, find out a bit more detail about their problem and be honest about whether or not they’d be a good fit for the program. Plus, we’ll help you take the next step and provide advice on how to have that tough conversation with your friend or family member.

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